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Our Cabinetry:

Large Manufacturers Standards:

Cabinet Bodies:

3/4” thick sides, bottoms and tops with 1/2” backers.  Solid hardwood nailers and solid hardwood stretchers to add strength and to receive your counter’s fasteners.

3/8” to 5/8” thick sides.  1/4” backer if any.

Plastic corners or captured 3/8” plywood to fasten your counter to.

Cabinet Ends:

For our finished ends without a false door we use the best sliced veneer we can get and we leave the edge of the face frame flush with the outside of the cabinet body.

We leave 1/2” or more end scribes wherever a cabinet adjoins a wall.

1/4” end scribe on all cabinet ends.

Cheap rotary cut veneer on finished ends with no custom options beyond a false door panel.

Toe Kicks:

Our toe kicks sizes are fully customizable.

Made from solid 3/4” thick wood to match your cabinets.  We also integrate a barrier into the cabinet behind the kick so dirt and rodents can’t get under your cabinets after the installation.

From 1/2” plywood to 3/4” thick matching wood.  Many manufacturer’s kick plates leave areas large enough for rodents to get under your cabinets.


Made from 5/8” to 3/4” hard maple with front and back dovetail construction and captured 1/2” to 3/4” plywood drawer bottoms.  We assemble our drawers then sand and finish them resulting in tighter looking joints and a sleeker look.

Ball bearing slides with the option of soft close.

Rabbited 1/2” veneer core plywood in the cheapest of cabinets to 5/8” maple dovetailed.  Our competitors may times use pre finished stock to build their dovetailed drawers from leaving loose and poorly fit joints and unfinished end grains.

Epoxy coated euro slides to Ball bearing slides.

Face Frames:

We use 3/4” solid wood for our face frames that is upgradeable to 1”.  Joined with glue and screws to insure indefinitely tight joints.

They are attached to the cabinet body with a tongue and groove joint on the end panels, glue and screws everywhere else.

3/4” solid wood usually loosely attached with staples through a tongue and groove joint in the sides and bottoms with only the plastic corner joints holding the tops of the face frames in place.

Our standard base cabinet


Our standard doors are 7/8” thick and are upgradable to 1-1/4”.  We hand select every piece of wood used in a doors frame to insure long term stability and beauty.  For flat ply wood panel doors we use only 1/2” thick ply wood with the best sliced veneer we can get.  Solid hardwood raised panel doors have 3/4” panels.  Blum hinges with optional soft close.

It’s hard to find anything but 3/4” thick door frames with little or no consideration of unsightly and unstable wood.  For flat panel doors, most of our competitors use 1/4” plywood panels faced with a cheap rotary cut veneer.  They are loosely  fit leaving a flimsy feel and rattly sound.  5/8” thick wood for raised panel doors is typical. Compact hinges.

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